non-profit, placer arc Join us on Facebook for information and more Placer ARC fun! Placer ARC is a private non-profit corporation, chaired by a volunteer community board and supported by individuals dedicated to promoting the welfare of persons diagnosed with a developmental disability or at risk of a developmental disability.
Making the Difference

On the Go

On the Go and On (OTG) the Go Youth (OTGY) are social recreation programs that serve adult clients and transition age clients respectively. Both programs provide our clients the opportunity to participate in social activities that everyone else does!

Under the supervision of direct support professionals, OTG and OTGY allow our clients to go out socially in a peer environment and just have some fun! A night with friends at the bowling alley, sporting and cultural events, group dinners, and trips to local festivals – these are the things that are important to everyone, but may be more difficult for clients with intellectual and developmental disabilities to access without the support offered by this program.

With the opportunities provided by OTG and OTGY clients engage in society outside of day programs on the weekends and in the evenings. Participants explore their interests and passions, discover friendships and experiences that add fulfillment to their lives, and build a positive presence in the community.

On the Go Calendar

On the Go Youth Calendar