Bob Neibert

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Bob Neibert was awarded the Outstanding Achievement Award at The Arc of Placer County’s Annual Awards event. This award is given to individuals who have successfully accomplished new goals or skills throughout the past year.

Nominated by Program Director Marie Wecker, she says of Bob: “Bob comes to Studio 700 with a positive and enthusiastic attitude every day. He has created several sculptures in dimensional arts, created several bead art pieces, and has taken on using wire to make earrings and rings. In ceramics, Bob has sculpted jellyfish, bowls, flowers and several plaques. Bob is truly an all-around accomplished artist who bring his own ideas of what he would like to create and makes it happen. He is a very kind and compassionate man. Bob never has a negative thing to say, in fact, he will go out of his way to say a kind word to another artist if he sees they are having a bad day. Bob continues to impress us with his artistic abilities and wonderful personality.”

Check out Bob’s work at any one of our art shows, or schedule a time to come by Studio 700.