non-profit, placer arc Join us on Facebook for information and more Placer ARC fun! Placer ARC is a private non-profit corporation, chaired by a volunteer community board and supported by individuals dedicated to promoting the welfare of persons diagnosed with a developmental disability or at risk of a developmental disability.
Making the Difference

Board of Directors

Members of the Placer ARC Board are longstanding residents of Placer County communities. The board’s expertise and knowledge includes business management, education, insurance, human resources, and more. Some board members are also parents of individuals with special needs. The board also has at least one client with special needs.

Current Board Members

Betsy Katz, President – Retired Professional
Patrick McIntyre, Vice President – Business Professional
Josh Price, Treasurer – Business Professional
Lisa Ulrikson, Secretary – Special Agent, IRS
Darel Gordon, Board Member – Placer ARC Client Representative

Board members serve 2 year terms and officers terms are 1 year in duration.