non-profit, placer arc Join us on Facebook for information and more Placer ARC fun! Placer ARC is a private non-profit corporation, chaired by a volunteer community board and supported by individuals dedicated to promoting the welfare of persons diagnosed with a developmental disability or at risk of a developmental disability.
Making the Difference

Art Sales

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Art Sales

Artists at Studio 700 Center for the Arts create unique works of art that are available for purchase year-round. A variety of classes are offered, and artists focus on exploring their own individual style with some guidance from our talented art instructors. Ceramic pieces, paintings, jewelry, photographs and three dimensional sculptures are just a few examples of what are available for purchase.

These one of a kind items make wonderful gifts and go to support a great cause. Artists retain 50% of the sales of their work and the other 50% goes back to purchasing more art supplies. Your purchase not only supports the artist directly but also other artists who wish to explore their creativity.

For more information, please contact Studio 700 Center for the Arts.

Featured Artist

Bob Neibert

Bob Neibert was awarded the Outstanding Achievement Award at Placer ARC’s Annual Awards event. This award is given to individuals who have successfully accomplished new goals or skills throughout the past year. Nominated by Program Director Marie Wecker, she says of Bob: “Bob comes to Studio 700 with a positive and enthusiastic attitude every day. […]